The Great Courses (so far)

I am a convinced follower of The Teaching Company video courses, known as “The Great Courses”. I have already visualized some of them, all related to Physics:

As I am in an advanced point in this last course, I’ll just leave here the contents of the course and in a later post I’ll write down the main concepts that have appeared in the later chapter I had seen (it’s a pity that I haven’t done this before), chapter #18 “Quintessence”, with some links to the explanation of those concepts. Here it is (extracted from Sean Carroll’s personal site):

  1. Fundamental Building Blocks
  2. The Smooth, Expanding Universe
  3. Space, Time, and Gravity
  4. Cosmology in Einstein’s Universe
  5. Galaxies and Clusters
  6. Gravitational Lensing
  7. Atoms and Particles
  8. The Standard Model of Particle Physics
  9. Relic Particles from the Big Bang
  10. Primordial Nucleosynthesis
  11. The Cosmic Microwave Background
  12. Dark Stars and Black Holes
  13. WIMPs and Supersymmetry
  14. The Accelerating Universe
  15. The Geometry of Space
  16. Smooth Tension and Acceleration
  17. Vacuum Energy
  18. Quintessence
  19. Was Einstein Right?
  20. Inflation
  21. Strings and Extra Dimensions
  22. Beyond the Observable Universe
  23. Future Experiments
  24. The Past and Future of the Dark Side