Carl Bender: Mathematical Physics

While I was searching the web for more lectures about QFT to complete the course by Cambridge Professor David Tong about the subject (great course, currently on lecture #6, next to review), I happened to visit the web of Perimeter Scholar International or PSI for short (by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada), and its seminar archive at PIRSA (Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive). I was delighted to discover that lots of great lectures on Theoretical Physics were available online. Then I decided to start reviewing a course on Mathematical Physics by Professor Carl Bender (Physics Professor at Washington University in St. Louis). At the moment, I have only watched to the first lecture (I also found some of the lectures in YouTube here) about Perturbation Theory and I can say that Professor Bender is a great communicator and makes the subject comprehensible.

As I mentioned before, the videos, notes, mp3… of the course can be found here.

I am quite enthusiast upon the subject and, again, I am pretty sure that I will enjoy it very much.