Development of the Universe and New Cosmology

In later posts I will mention the latest books (or audiobooks) that I have read or listened to, or videos that I have visualized on the Internet, related to Physics. Now, I want to start noting down a 2003 article that I’ve recently read:


Title: “Development of the Universe and New Cosmology

Authors: A.S. SakharovH. Hofer


Cosmology is undergoing an explosive period of activity, fueled both by new, accurate astrophysical data and by innovative theoretical developments. Cosmological parameters such as the total density of the Universe and the rate of cosmological expansion are being precisely measured for the first time, and a consistent standard picture of the Universe is beginning to emerge. Recent developments in cosmology give rise the intriguing possibility that all structures in the Universe, from superclusters to planets, had a quantum-mechanical origin in its earliest moments. Furthermore, these ideas are not idle theorizing, but predictive, and subject to meaningful experimental test. We review the concordance model of the development of the Universe, as well as evidence for the observational revolution that this field is going through. This already provides us with important information on particle physics, which is inaccessible to accelerators.