About me…

Hello everyone (if anyone is out there). My name is Javier Estraviz and I want to thank you for reading these lines.

I hope you find this place useful in some sense… mostly if you enjoy reading about Physics as much as I do.

Why this blog?

Because I am a Physicist.

Because I am interested in Physics since I was a youngster as the only rational way to explain where we come from, why we are here and why the Universe evolves in the way we think it does.

In fact, I studied Physics at University (BSc in Physics, Solid State/Theoretical Physics, 1996, University of the Basque Country, Spain) although I did not pursue a PhD and decided to enter the job market as a Cobol programmer (nowadays an experienced Systems Analyst… My CV online here!)… in the late years before the year 2000 (it was another millenium, you know!). Since then, I have dedicated my free time to other projects (lately as an amateur photographer), other readings, other studies (I obtained an MBA from IESE Business School, University of Navarra, in 2009) but last year I decided it was enough, I thought I had to go back to Physics. This is the main reason why I am here, posting about Cosmology, GR, Particle Physics or whichever subject that I will be working on in my spare time, watching on YouTube (or listening to in my car, commuting home).

Pretty strange to do this for fun, I know, but this not only entertains me but passionates me.

This blog is just a notebook in which I will be annotating links, articles (copy&paste of the abstracts, no further discussion at the moment), books/audiobooks, my thoughts and all the stuff that interests me and is related to the world of Physics. As if I were preparing for a PhD by myself only, in some of the aforementioned areas of Physics. A PhD that, maybe, someday I will obtain… or not. This is not the main goal of the blog (a future PhD), but who knows…

Do you think it will be possible in the XXI century to pursue a PhD degree from home, only through the Internet, from one point in the globe to another, contacting from home to a thesis director in any distant University somewhere else, in a different country or continent? What do you think?

Comments (and encourage!) are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

You can contact me by email in the following address:


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